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High End Munich 2019

The High End Munich is the most renowned show for audiophiles in the world. LOG Audio presented its very latest digital innovations that left visitors speechless, among them also many analog enthusiasts. It was a great opportunity to show the world what the “LOG AudioEngine” is capable of and that the future is ready for active systems that change the way people listen to music.

LOG Audio presented a variety of products, including the MONOLOG, CUBE and IMAGE. As a highlight, the new flagship model VERVE was presented to show the visitors the full potential of the LOG AudioEngine.

“The show in Munich was great to demonstrate the possibilities of modern digital technologies. Today, it is not necessary to have bulky, heavy and expensive tube amps to reach a real high end experience, especially if we consider the fact that 99 % of today’s music is produced digitally. Our concept is to keep the signal digital as long as possible and to avoid any losses that might result from any kind of conversion. As a result, the customer is able to stream music losslessly from the smartphone or any other audio device to the speaker. We think high end shouldn’t be any more difficult than that. Combined with a state-of-the-art design and customisation options for the client, we believe that we offer ultimate sound, maximum flexibility and beautiful design to our customers”, said Thomas Pfob, founder and CEO.

While the VERVE was admired for its ultimate musical performance, visitors where excited about the massive sound of the smaller speakers like CUBE or MONOLOG. The idea of the on-wall model IMAGE was very exciting for many visitors as it makes high end performance very feasible in modern lifestyle homes. With its customisation options, it is perfectly suited for interior designers and architects, which opens the door to a much broader customer group.