Product picture INTEGRAL hidden loudspeaker Product picture INTEGRAL shown loudspeaker



The invisible music system.

The Integral products of LOG Audio can be seamlessly integrated and installed in furniture, which means that the technology disappears and the ambience is not disturbed. Through our flexible solutions, we can fulfill the most complex requirements of our customers - without any loss in sound quality.

Product picture DIALOG


plug and play!

Plug and play! This is what most customers expect from their audio system. With the DIALOG music system – a pair of loudspeakers with integrated electronics – this is not only possible, but also perfect in sound quality. Since it does not require any control elements. the system is easy to integrate into your furniture. It receives music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer and can also be used as an audiophile extension of your TV system. The easiest way to listen to music.

Product picture EPILOG


For those who want more.

The EPILOG product range leaves nothing to be desired. Especially home cinema fans and concert lovers will be fascinated. There are three sizes to choose from, which can be assembled in different ways. From the integrated stereo music system to complete 7.1 home cinema solutions and current 3D sound formats – everything can be implemented. It feels like you're in the middle of the concert crowd, while movies captivate with crystal-clear, precise and multi-layered sound.